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Rent a car: Portugal implements the toll on their highways

The collection of tolls on three highways in northern Portugal, which entered into force on day 15, has sparked protests from users, carriers and employers in the tourism sector Luso, who feel affected by the measure.

The Association of Tour of Portugal said in remarks to Efe that this could have "an extremely negative impact on tourism flows, because they can take tourists to opt for other destinations to which access more easily, comfortably and without charge extra. "

A vehicle passes through an arch of "toll" of the highway between Viana and Oporto. / / Jesus Arcos

Border with Galicia, the conversion of the North Coast highway, Grande Porto and Costa da Prata on payment methods will also be "detrimental to the entire tourism industry in Portugal", and that about 80 percent of visitors come to the country car, the agency said.

This measure has also been discussed in the Parliament debate fortnightly Luso, where the opposition has criticized the Socialist government, who decided to install these tolls in its plan to reduce the high public deficit of the country.

Moreover, its introduction will lead to foreign registered vehicles to move to an electronic payment, which must be loaded with a minimum of 50 euros for individuals and 100 euros for transport, since there is no possibility to pay by cash or credit card.

One problem already identified was the difficulty in finding the devices, which should be available in stores and service stations, and Spanish drivers have complained about the lack of information about the payment.

In this situation, the post of Portugal, one of the entities authorized to market the chips, has decided to temporarily install a kiosk for foreigners in a service station in the town of Viana do Castelo, next to Galicia.

The Portuguese transport sector has also criticized the tolls on the grounds that foreign firms benefit, given the difficulty of getting the fines to other countries, while making a significant increase in costs.

For its part, the Government again to defend the beginning of recovery in these pathways and approved on Thursday a decision by the Cabinet to declare this as "extremely urgent for the public interest."

Thus, the Court overruled the decision of the North Central Administrative provisionally suspend the entry into force of the rule.

According to Executive plans of Prime Minister Jose Socrates, the northern motorway will join the other four SCUT (short for "no cost to the user" in Portuguese) in the country.

Interior Norte, Beira Litoral and Alta, Beira Interior and the Algarve will pay from April 15, 2011, which will also affect the people of Galicia, Castilla y León, Extremadura and Andalusia living and working in border areas.

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